New & Used LP's

Buy the original or order brand new! Get new LP's for a special price- Ask about our Special Order Club!

Cassettes & 8-Tracks

Add cassettes and 8-Tracks to your vintage music collection

Used Turntables

Used turntables are perfect for a first time collector

LP & CD Collector Box Sets

Over 200 Collector Box Sets to add to your vintage collection

Saidi Audio Vacuum LP Cleaner

Great investment to clean the records in your collection.

New & Used CD's

Over 35 000 CD's to choose from, new & used. Ask about our Special Order Club to order brand new CD's and Pre-Order New releases!

Denon Turntables & Headphones

Brand New Denon Turntables and Headphones

Tube Amplifier with Speakers 

Analog Acoustics Tube Amplifier with Indiana Line Speakers. Perfect for a serious collector who wants the purest sound from their vinyl.

Band Merchandise

Great selection of metal, rock & hip-hop Band Shirts. 

Ball Caps, Coffee Mugs, Lunch Boxes, Pins, Guitar Picks, Patches, Keychains, Flags & more.

Autographed Memorabilia

Kim Mitchell, Headpins, Loverboy, AFI & other Framed Autographed Memorabilia.

Video Games & Accessories

New & Used Video Games and Accessories

Rock N Rolla Turntables

JR, Premium & XL

Perfect for listening to LP's on the go, and you can record your whole record collection onto a memory stick.

Speaker Wire

Speaker Wire sold by the foot

Patches, Guitar Picks, Pins & Keychains

Add wicked patches & pins to your Battle Jacket. Guitar Picks with your favourite band's logos.

Wall Art & Flags

Beautiful Wall Flags, Sepia Prints, Showprint posters and Framed Art to decorate your house.

Classic Replay. Since 2015.

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