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Classic Replay is a family owned business that opened by Terence Bachor and his daughter Cassandra Bachor in 2015. Terence Bachor was the owner of Virtual Reality, as well as Trade and Play Video Games & Computers.

Net proceeds from donated items along with 5% of our profits are given to Local Performing Art's Groups. Shop local to support!

We are here to keep the spirit of music alive in our community.


Grading System

Vinyl is graded thoroughly by the owners. They are priced according to the LP and cover conditions, as well as label, year released, etc.
Each person out there, collectors or music enthusiasts all have their own version of grading the vinyl.
At Classic Replay, all vinyl is graded the same. The condition of the LP is noted on the price tag.
We try to test a lot of the vinyl coming through. Ones that have been tested will have a dark green sticker on the cover along with the price tag.
Any skips or issues are noted on the dark green sticker.

M (Mint) - No apparent marks or scratches anywhere. New, or basically new.

NM (Near Mint) - A possible light scuff or scratch that is hard to see.
VG+ (Very Good +) - A few light scuffs or scratches. Does not affect play.
VG (Very Good) - Apparent scratches and scuffs. Does not affect play.
G+ (Good +) - Scratches and scuffs all over. Will play through.
G (Good) - Scratches and scuffs all over. Possibly plays without an issue.
P (Poor) - Scratches and scuffs all over. May have skips, or it just looks like it's in very bad shape.


We carry a great supply of Record Care Supplies along with Record Accessories.

Record Sleeves (Inner & Outer)
Record Cleaner
Isopropyl Alcohol
Vinyl Brushes
Stylus Brushes

Turntable Mats
Record Weights
Speaker Wire
Tape Head Cleaner


Record Genres

New vinyl section (re-presses and NEW RELEASES)
Rock & Pop

Jazz & Blues
Hip Hop
Movie Soundtracks
Soul & R&B
Rock & Pop Mixed (Various Artists)

Other records we sell are 5 LP's for $1.00 !!! The price can't get better than this.
This includes:
Instrumental (Piano, Flute, Trumpet, Guitar, etc...)
Select Christmas LP's
Select Country Mixed (Various Artists)
Select Country (tons of these!)
Big Band
Vocalists (Dean Martin, Engelbert Humperdinck, select Barbara Streisand, etc.)


When you bring CD's up to the till to purchase, you may ask for the CD to be cleaned (for free!) to rid of scratches (if any). It is cleaned with our CD cleaning machine that works wonders!

Classic Replay is the only full line entertainment store in Stony Plain & Parkland County. Only 5 minutes from Spruce Grove and 20 minutes from Edmonton.

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